01 Go Hard
02 A Millie
03 So Fly (V.I. In This)
04 Can't Believe It
05 She Ain't Ur Girl
06 Paper Planes (I Ride 4 Obama)
07 Swagga Like V.I.
08 Viva La Vida (That Hova)
09 U Gotta Go (Green Light)
10 Say Yeah
11 Marco Polo
12 Put On
13 Tryna Get To Tomorrow (2006)
14 Whatever You Like
15 In The Dancehall
16 Dunn Dunn It Ah
17 Ring The Alarm
18 Right
19 Kick Push
20 I Need You
21 In Ah Di Air
22 Houzin (2004)

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Anonymous said...

blogger and rock city

tell Akon to put this on his myspace. real talk..tell Akon, Bu , Melvin Brown to put the mixtape and vidoe on their myspace RITE ABOUT NOW...V.I for life...peace...

Anonymous said...

What's up ROCK CITY..all songs on myspace sick...YO... can you guys make a hip-hop and dancehall mixture joint...there are 2 riddims you should listen to :

- Response Riddim (producer: Johann Seaton of Sel Construction)


- Day Rave Riddim (producer: Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor)

- Gutter Ball Riddim (producer:
Alric & Boyd aka The Turntable Twins)

I enjoyed your song on the Mission Riddim (From the Rock; cover of Mavado's On the Rock)...please listen to the songs that used the above riddims. Most of them are sick...excellent for all CLUBS worldwide...please please...V.I massive...hey you guys killed it in the BET rap city booth...still waiting for that single that will just make RAYDAR management da fucking best bussiness...KONVICT KONNECTION...2008 yeap.........

Riddim said...

this mixtape getting mad play in my car..that track "tryin to get to tommorow" is a crazy tune!! that need to be serviced to radio or reggae mixtapes in all of the caribbean..its sick yo!!

konvict said...

u know akon i like rock city so so so much i'v been listing to heven sent, after the club the girl is mine ,i got u, and got to get this money na na na but am monye
i now u have a vision that u don't wantput this album out but they R so cool ya man god bless them

somebody said...